[Thesis] Final Presentation

THE DREAM_HyungouJo.001 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.002 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.003 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.004 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.005 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.006 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.007 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.008 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.009 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.010 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.011 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.012 THE DREAM_HyungouJo.013

My Thesis is about Dream.

For me, Dream has been another world where I can experience another feeling and situation which is different from the reality. So I want to bring the images and feeling from the dreams to the reality. This desire drives me to bring this question. “Can I recreate my dream?”

A dream is made of our everyday life. During we are awakened, we see, hear, and feel a lot of things in reality. Those are too much to remember. So during we are sleeping, our brain arranges this. Sort out memories and put into the long term memory box from the temporary memory box. Our dream is made during this situation. While sorting out the memories our conscious mind loses some pieces of our memory which is not put into a long term memory box. These debris will be shown up in our dream and they change their image and function of themselves with unrealistic way. I want to focus on this part more for my project.

Followed by Gaston Bachelard, there is a terminology, material imagination. This means that there are two kinds of imaginations, formal imagination and material imagination. The material imagination is created from the formal imagination and filtered by weltanschuung, the way of view the world. For example, our imagination of light will be different each other. I think the way of absorbing reality and showing in dream mechanic is same as this. The imagination in dream will be filtered by our weltanschauung and changed, And, while we are telling or expressing the story of dream, the imagination will be filtered by our interpretation and changed their meaning and image again. The object is constantly changed by different filter.

So I want to build a prototype which has same mechanic with this. I created a box, which has 4 different filters. So there is only one object inside of the box, but people can see the different images from the filters.

My final project’s structure will be this. One object. and creating 4 images. There are different kinds of filters which has different meaning. And one of the filter, I want to put one interaction into one filter which can let participant also can be a filtered of themselves. The sensor will be pulse sensor of brain wave sensor, so the imagination will be changed by their status.

Personally, the narrative is the most important thing in this project, so now I am more concentrating on the narrative part. And hopefully, create great story and express on my project.


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